Dont Fear The Carbs!

Don’t Fear the Carbs By Contributing Author Over the last decade or so with the rise of the Atkins Diet and the South Beach diet people have developed an irrational fear of carbohydrates. No bread, no pasta, no potatoes, no rice and even no fruit for some people. I am not knocking these diets because they do work not only Continue Reading


ATP Stimulates Muscle Growth

By Contributing Author ATP Stimulates muscle growth Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the major energy molecule used by the body for fuel. It is produced in the mitochondria within cells from the food you eat. ATP supplements have been around for a while and I have never put much faith in them. After all, ATP is produced in the mitochondria so Continue Reading


Negating Side Effects from a Pro-Hormone Cycle

When a user starts a pro-hormone cycle, a majority of the time they will experience side effects, there is also a wide variety of side effects that can occur. However, luckily most of the side effects can be cured or prevented during a cycle. This article will cover ways to resolve some of the most common side effects a user Continue Reading


Essential Liver Protection (Guide)

Introduction Pro-hormones and other oral compounds are abundant, and used by many, therefore it has become extremely important to understand the effects they can have on our livers and how to lessen the impact they cause by providing out liver with adequate protection.  Methylated compounds, such as Halodrol, Epistane, etc, are harsher on the liver, therefore the risk is higher, Continue Reading


Pro-Hormone Acronyms and Terminology

While researching pro-hormones, you may come across strange acronyms and terminology, this is a short article which should help by explaining the meaning of a few of the most commonly used ones. In alphabetical order: BACK PUMPS This is one of the more common side effects of pro-hormones. Back pumps is basically an intense cramp and tightness in the lower Continue Reading


The LeanBulk Halodrol (H-Drol) Guide

The LeanBulk Halodrol (H-Drol) Guide   Introduction H-Drol as it is most commonly know (also know as Halodrol), is a legal methylated designer steroid, it was created by a major supplement company know as Gaspari Nutrition. The current crop of H-drol clones are different to the first one created by Gaspari Nutrition, however they will still produce similar results. Halodrol Continue Reading


Are You a Hard Gainer?

For all those guys out there who claim their metabolism is to fast and that they can sit down and eat three pizzas you should listen up. No matter who you are or how fast your metabolism is you can gain weight if you’re doing the right things. Simply eating everything in your path is not enough. Here I’ll go Continue Reading


Study Shows 1-Andro As Strong As Testosterone Enanthate

Have you ever been curious what the gains of testosterone enanthate would be but you don’t want to take anything illegal? Well now you can find out with 1-Andro! A recent study done by the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that the prohormone 1-Andro which converts to 1-Testosterone in the liver was as potent mg to mg to one of Continue Reading


60 Day Total Body Transformation

Your complete guide to eating habits, workout plan, and supplementation for a dramatic change right before summer. So the new year came and summer is now just around the corner. You said you were going to make your new years resolution to get in better shape but fell victim to procrastination. Don’t worry, because I have your plan to still Continue Reading


Prohormones For Dummys |The Bulk Andro Kit Breakdown

So you’re the new guy on the block. All your friends have made the jump and gotten on their first cycle of prohormones and you’re still scared to make the jump into them. I’ll keep it short sweet and to the point and i’ll disect one of our best-selling programs to you. The Bulk Andro Kit is one of our Continue Reading