Cutting prohormones

By Bobby Faber 2014 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion 275lb Weight class     Now that winter is over and most of us are trying to shed off that winter layer of insulation I think its a good time to discuss cutting prohormones. Cutting prohormones are a lot different than bulking hormones, if you are


Prohormones For Dummys |The Bulk Andro Kit Breakdown

So you’re the new guy on the block. All your friends have made the jump and gotten on their first cycle of prohormones and you’re still scared to make the jump into them. I’ll keep it short sweet and to the point and i’ll disect one of our best-selling programs to you. The Bulk Andro

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Best Bulking Prohormones and Designer Steroids – Methyls

Prohormone Guide 2013 – Best Methyl Bulker It’s that time of year where all out gains in size and strength are what most guys are after.  That’s why today’s post in the 2013 Prohormone Guide will be dedicated to the best bulking prohormones.  We will tell you why they are great for bulking, what dose

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Ostarine Guide – The Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM)

Prohormone Guide 2013 SARMs were created in an effort to isolate anabolic activity to only muscle and bone.  This ensures far less negative side effects such as natural hormone suppression, decreased androgenic side effects, and liver stress.  They were primarily designed to help prevent sarcopenia, which is simply the loss of muscle and subsequently quality


Trenavar – The Real Prohormone to Trenbolone

Prohormone Guide 2013 – Trenavar Trenavar, creatively named using a combination of popular (and illegal) steroids trenbolone and anavar, is the first ever prohormone to actual trenbolone.  In the underground world of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS), trenbolone is known to be extremely powerful.  It is used both during the off season, and even more commonly