Low testosterone

By Bobby Faber 2104 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion 275lb Weight Class   Testosterone, as we all know is the most important male hormone found in the male body. But, did you know many people suffer from low testosterone? Here is how it works, when a boy gets to be around the age of 16

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Testosterone foods

By Bobby Faber 2014 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion 275lb Weight Class     There are numerous ways to boost your testosterone, you can use supplements, you can see a doctor or you can add testosterone foods into your diet that will cause your body to produce more testosterone. An athlete that is a competitive


Anabolic Hormones during Bodybuilding Contest Prep

Contest Prep, Tesosterone, IGF-1, and Insulin One of the beliefs of bodybuilding contest prep is that testosterone drops dramatically as you near your contest (speaking of natural bodybuilders).  Some suggest it’s more of an energy issue.  Meaning your simply to tired to be interested in things like sex.  Others believe the lack of bodyfat, and

Was Nasser’s Death a Result of Steroid Abuse?

Steroid use and kidney function Nephrology is the study of kidney health. It’s not something you hear about in the bodybuilding supplement world, but it’s perhaps one of the more underrated areas of discussion. On Wednesday March 20th, 47 year old popular bodybuilder and former Arnold Classic Champ Nasser El Sonbaty died, reportedly of kidney