By Bobby Faber

2014 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion

275lb Weight Class


Many of you have heard  about the anabolic steroid Equipoise or EQ, this compound is probably one of the best steroids on the planet. EQ has many great attributes, it will drastically increase your appetite, it will speed up strength gains and muscle size and it will lubricate your joints and strengthen tendons so you can lift pain free.

It was originally made for farmers to give to their cattle to beef them up before slaughter, giving the cattle the drug increase muscle mass and increase the cattles appetite so they will eat more to put on more size.


When a human uses the drug the results are insane, one can take Equipoise usually 400-600mg per week and put on some serious muscle mass and massive strength gains. Equipoise is a gradual gainer as well, meaning this is not a drug that will make you very strong and big while on and when you come off you lose everything that you gained, being a gradual gainer the gains are a bit slower but you will keep 95% – 100% of your gains.


Another good use for Equipoise is for joint and tendon strength, we all know if you don’t manage your joints and tendons properly your lifting career will be over fast because they make the lift happen. When I started I used Deca for my joints and tendons but I ended up a unhappy camper when my junk quit responding to my brain, they call this Deca Dick and its very common with Decca users. After researching I found that Equipoise does the same thing for your joints and tendons, but it’s a dry compound so there’s no risk of Deca Dick and it is a better strength and size gainer.


This compound sounds like its sent from god I know but there’s a catch, its a anabolic steroid and all steroids are ILLEGAL in America. This means you will have to search it out on the black market and risk many things  to find it. The risks involved include getting arrested, being robbed or simply buying fake shit because remember there’s no honor amongst thieves and there’s literally nothing you can do or anyone you can call if you are robbed or taken for your money.


We have the compound EQ here at lean bulk and its one of our hottest pro hormones we have, there’s no needles involved and there’s no risk involved because we sell it LEGALLY here. We have it available separate or in a stack, our stacks are off the hook as well.


  • Build mass virtually side effect free
  • Inhibit the Aromatase enzyme from breaking down testosterone to make estrogen
  • hardens the muscles by driving water and nutrients into them
  • Does not provoke aggression or anger, in fact it is a mood stabilizer
  • Increases joint healing and repair
  • Gives you a sense of confidence you may have never experienced before
  • Preserves your muscle while on a calorie deficit
  • Increases lean mass if you’re on a calorie surplus
  • May increase sex drive and function, may increase blood flow to the penis increasing size and sensitivity

There are some potential downsides to stacking these prohormones, but not if you have our OCT and PCT Stacks. Those were designed with this purpose in mind; to offset any potential side effects and return your hormones to at least good as new, if not better than ever before post cycle.



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