Liquid labs TE

By Bobby Faber
2014 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion
275lb Class

Liquid Labs TE is the newest, safest and 100% legal way to acquire testosterone. Earlier this year the U.S Goverment did a investigation and banned all unhealthy, organ toxic prohormones on the market. Lean Bulk did not lose 1 compound, this being said all prohormones at Lean Bulk are safe and have Zero risk to your organs.


We all know how important and dominant the hormone ‘’testosterone’’ is in the male body, and how much of an impact it has on the reproduction system and the quality of muscle gains.If you are unaware of the importance of testosterone please read my article ‘’Testosterone’’. In every cycle including anabolic steroids or prohormones you MUST have a testosterone base for optimal results and to prevent massive natural shutdown. The secret to getting bigger and stronger and leaner is testosterone, this is why testosterone is a must have in every cycle.


Liquid labs TE is the newest, strongest most effective form of testosterone legally available today. This supplement was just released yesterday and has already soared above all other testosterone supplements this year. We have been working hard in the lab trying to provide a better source of testosterone than the already great 1-andro, and this is it. Using TE by the proper dosing instructions is equivalent to injecting 500mg of testosterone enthanate per week. Your strength and size gains will be massive using Liquid Labs TE, and your sex drive wont be too shabby either.


As we all know diet and training are key factors here in this sport, you must have a pin pointed diet and good training program to maximize gains with any supplement legal or illegal. These supplements alone will not help you achieve your goals. If you need help with your diet please refer to my article ‘‘bodybuilding diet” this should get you started, there are also many articles about certain training diets that you can read on the website.



We have also redesigned our INFAMOUS Basic Mass Stack with our 3 newest compounds. Now in this already bad ass stack now you get new liquid labs TE, EQ and PR. The TE is as we know the testosterone,the EQ is equal to the anabolic steroid Equipoise and the PR is equal to Primobolin. If you know anything about anabolics you know these are serious buisness. So, needless to say this already was a bad ass stack, well now its the absolute best.

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