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By Bobby Faber

2104 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion

275lb Weight Class

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Testosterone, as we all know is the most important male hormone found in the male body. But, did you know many people suffer from low testosterone? Here is how it works, when a boy gets to be around the age of 16 his body will start to produce testosterone, this is when he will hit a growth spurt and his body will start to change. Things will happen like voice will deepen, muscles will develop, sex drive will go up and you may notice a little more aggression from the young lad. So this is what happens when we are young and growing, so what happens when we get older.




Once we reach the age of about 37 our body starts to change, our natural production of testosterone will start to decrease and our estrogen will start to increase. When this happens you will notice saggy muscles, weaker muscles, softer muscles, significant loss of energy, low sex drive, moodiness, lack of muscle mass, lack of fertility, erectile dysfunction and growth of breasts. Yea who has time for all that? NOT ME!


Low testosterone supplements




Lean bulk offers the absolute best testosterone supplements you can buy, natural and synthetic.

If you are looking for a natural way to go, and safe for any drug tested federations, then check out our rise and swell. This supplement is a natural testosterone booster that increases your bodys natural production of testosterone. Rise and swell also has a human growth hormone increaser as well, so you get 2 bangs for your buck.


rise and swell


Testosterone supplements


Lean bulk also has the absolute best prohormones as well, our testosterone supplements have been proven to be stronger than the anabolic steroid testosterone, and we are 100% legal. If you are looking for the best testosterone supplement to help with low testosterone then look no further LG SCIENCES 1-Andro is the best and strongest on the market. AMS 1 andro and AMS 4-AD are also great testosterone supplements as well, its up to you to make the decision but I personally use the LG SCIENCE 1-Andro and I get AWESOME RESULTS.








AMS 1-Andro





On cycle therapy/post cycle therapy


rise and swell

I highly recommend whenever taking any supplement you always use a on cycle therapy as well as a post cycle therapy. We have the best therapy supplements as well. For on cycle therapy I highly recommend rise and swell, this will keep your bodys natural testosterone production high. For post cycle therapy I highly recommend Form-xt by LG SCIENCES, this will get everything back to normal after using testosterone supplements and you can use this also for on cycle therapy as well.

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