Mind set on big lifts

By Bobby Faber

2014 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion

275lb Weight Class


There are a few deciding factors when it comes to getting big lifts, one of the biggest factors is mind set on big lifts and adrenaline levels. I have seen tons and tons of real nice guys that were mellow laid back guys but never figured out just how to ‘’turn it on’’ when the time is right and they never did shit impressive. This sport isn’t for the calm cool guy.


During your training cycle you are not only building strength and central nervous system but you are also building confidence. As your competition grows closer your confidence should slightly seem cocky and arrogant, but think about it, if you don’t know for 100% that day you are the best your beat already. That doesn’t mean run around being a asshole to everyone, it simply means that you are the best and anyone else will be 2nd place.


When I make my programs I decide what my goal for that day will be and that’s the only thing in my mind until meet day. When asked what my plans will be for the meet my answer is always ‘’I will win and I will smash whatever number I picked’’ this may seem cocky but it’s not cockiness it’s confidence.


I can tell how a person is going to perform before the competition starts, if I ask you what your gonna do in the meet and you say ‘’well I don’t know or well I’m hoping to do or I’m gonna try to do ’’ wrap it up you’re not doing shit. Your confidence level should be so high and there should be no doubt in your mind you got the weight. My answer would be if asked what my plans were I’d say ‘’ the program was made for 600lbs so the goal is 610lbs’’ again not cocky just confident but who cares if you seem cocky.


When approaching your time to lift your mindset should be like a pitbull in a dogfight waiting to be released into the ring, anxiously waiting to devour the weight on the bar when they say bar loaded. The thoughts should be nothing but how light this weight will be, you have smashed this weight in the gym, today will be no different, now get out there and eat bro.


Ideally you wanna find a artist or a song that really gets you pumped up, my artist of choice when going hard is DMX, his shit gets my blood flowing.
Just as important as it is to be able to turn it on, you gotta be able to turn it off as well. Its a great tool to learn how to turn off and on but after you lift you need to turn it off until you are about 4 out from your lift. If you can’t turn it off your adrenaline will kill your energy and strength quick. So, this is my opinion on what your mind set on big lifts should be, good luck.

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