By Bobby Faber

2014 WPC/APF World Bench Press Champion

275lb Weight Class


When it comes to building muscle, getting bigger and getting stronger it is impossible tp conquer without sleep. A lot of people overlook this part of the game not knowing it plays just as important role as training if not more.


When you are training you are constantly breaking down your muscles, and when you eat after training you are feeding your muscles.


When you sleep your body repairs itself, if you are not getting enough sleep you are depriving your body of adequate time to repair. Your body will repair the muscles you trained and that will in turn allow your muscles to grow, this will also allow your muscles to get stronger as well.


When you sleep there are 2 stages, stage 1 and stage 2, stage 2 is considered a deep sleep. Stage 2  is when your body starts to repair itself. There are some safe over the counter supplements you can buy to help you achieve faster and more stage 2 sleep. Melatonin is a great supplement to take for better sleep, it is perfectly safe and side effect free.


A person should get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted zzz’s per night to allow the body enough time to fully recover and repair whatever needs fixed. Sleep is also required for a healthy immune system. About a hr before bed dim the lights and set the mood to mellow, this will cause your body to release its natural melatonin this will help you fall asleep and go to a stage 2 sleep faster.

A healthy  pattern is a must when it comes to making gains in the gym, if you do not have a healthy sleep pattern your gains will surely suffer. If you are experiencing loss of gains or plateau effect try getting a healthy nightime routine and im sure it will help.

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