Steroid use and kidney function

Nephrology is the study of kidney health. It’s not something you hear about in the bodybuilding supplement world, but it’s perhaps one of the more underrated areas of discussion. On Wednesday March 20th, 47 year old popular bodybuilder and former Arnold Classic Champ Nasser El Sonbaty died, reportedly of kidney disease. There has been a significant amount of speculation including rumors of malaria being the primary cause of subsequent kidney failure.  And it's still not known whether it was actually kidney failure.

A side note - Is Nasser GH15?

Nasser was long rumored to be the actual person behind the popular bodybuilding forum handle known as GH15 (short for god of hormones). GH15 was well known for recommending (if not advising) the use of significant doses of performance enhancers ranging from growth hormone, testosterone, insulin, and trenbolone (“trenbolona” as GH15 says). Still nobody knows if Nasser was truly the one...

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