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Thread: Methastadrol Review

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    Default Methastadrol Review

    Wasn't able to find a solid review of this product so I figured I would post my own

    I decided to use this sd clone in comparison with others because it offered a 10mg dosage as compared to 15mg for everything else I could find.

    Start weight: 172lbs
    Height: 5'9"

    End weight: 181lbs

    Calories: ~3200
    Carbs: ~350-400
    Protein: ~200

    1 Week Prior to Cycle
    Milk Thistle - 2 caps
    RYR - 2 Caps
    Cranberry Extract - 1 Cap

    3 Week Cycle 10/20/20
    AI Cycle Support
    Omega-3 - 4 Caps
    Taurine - 3 Caps (Started with 2 but back pumps were still noticeable)

    Planned PCT
    Nolva - 60 first day, 40 days 2-11, 20 days 12-21
    AI Cylce Support until day 7
    Tribulus on hand if I feel I need it (Doubt I will use it)

    All lifts went up about 20% except for squat 30% ))
    I contribute squat increase to lack of motivation before cycle on leg days

    DRINK PLENTY OF WATER - There were 2 days my water intake was low and nose bleeds resulted

    Lethargy: Noticed some lethargy kicking in right after 1.5 weeks of usage nothing serious though

    Sleep: No real effect on sleep felt rested most mornings and didnt have troubles falling asleep

    Acne: Face began to become very oily around day 4 but was able to prevent any serious breakouts

    Agression: Had little room for bs... haha I am normally easy going but got very irritated with little things around week 2

    Libido: No real hit on libido.

    Back pumps: Pretty bad after bump to 20mg but counter acted pumps with 3 dosages of taurine

    Overall decent product and I plan on running another cycle this fall.

    I will keep updates through PCT

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    What was your workout routine?



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