MGNís Pre-Workout

A reader sent me an E-Mail asking about Pre-Workouts and they brought this one up. I didnít have an answer at the time. So I fixed that. I ordered up a 45 Day supply and gave it a run.

Looking at the label and the ingredients, there isnít anything that jumps out at you. No new ingredients. Same basic ones we see in most Pre-Workouts and of course in a prop blend.

I took 1 Scoop for the first week then bumped that up to 2 scoops till I ran out. Overall it was a decent Pre-Workout. Energy was strong and lasted throughout the whole workout. Didnít crash hard afterwards either. The Beta-Alanine tingles were pretty intense at two scoops, but I enjoy BA. I know many guys donít like the tingles. The Pumps were nothing to report back on. So if youíre looking for a boost of energy and donít mine BA tingles. This will do you just fine, but if you are chasing after a pump in the gym. There are better pre-workouts out there, but for a INTENZE energy boost. This does just that and for a cheaper price then others have managed to bring. For $21.87 for 45 servings, that comes to 48 cents per one scoop. This was just one I couldnít pass on not trying out for myself. Glad I did. Itís a solid pre-workout for a solid price.

So here are my Findings.

Scoop Size: 1 Scoop 5g

Mix ability: 8/10 - Mixed just fine. At times it would be gritty.

Energy/Focus: 8/10 - A good 1.5hrs worth with hardly any cash.

Pump: 1/10 Ė Just not there.

Taste: Pink Lemonade Ė 9/10 Ė Awesome Taste No Complaints here at all

Price: 9/10 Ė Hard to beat at 48 cents a Serving. Overall Rating: 6/10